A Low-Carb Program – The Beyond Diet Under The Scanner

When anyone says ‘diet program‘, most obese folks cringe. The scary mental pictures start forming.

Starvation, eating tons of veggies, drinking tons of plain water and skipping sweet treats, diets can be a difficult thing to continue for the long term.

That is the primary reason why this particular program was created, to be maintained for the long term, without fears of starvation or giving up on your favorite treats.

The Beyond Diet was created back in 2006, by fitness trainers Isabel Del Rios and Jeff Siegel. Now we couldn’t find many beyond diet reviews, but the ones we did were all positive and encouraging.

For the last couple of decades, research has proven that refined carbohydrates, more than ever flour, sugar, and high-fructose corn syrup are important and major cause of the obesity contagion.

This particular diet claims that you can lose weight on a high-protein, high-fat diet. It works on the premise that a healthy lifestyle requires a limited amount of proper portion control, protein, carbohydrates and exercise.

The main premise of the Beyond Diet is carbohydrate restriction to force the body to switch from burning glucose to burning stored body fat, resulting in greater and faster weight loss.

beyond diet low carb diet

It has been proven without doubt that balancing your blood sugar and insulin levels go a long way towards curing obesity problems.

Eating fewer carbohydrates causes bloody sugar levels to remain steadier all through the day. This means there are fewer high and low blood sugar levels, which can cause intense hunger pangs and thus helps prevent overeating.

The Beyond Diet is officially a low-carbohydrate, high-protein weight loss program that’s based on the proven metabolic typing research.

The Beyond Diet plan has four basic principles; weight loss, weight maintenance, good health, and disease prevention. You start with a low-carbohydrate diet plan designed for rapid weight loss.

This lasts at least for two weeks depending on your weight loss goal. During this first phase, you’;re on a protein, fat and very low-carbohydrate diet, including seafood, eggs, cheese, meat, butter, oils and some vegetables.

During the next three phases, the weight loss is likely to be more gradual, and regular exercise is encouraged.

More carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits are introduced to your diet with the endeavor of working out what ideal carbohydrates intake is to preserve a healthy weight for life.

The Beyond Diet can give you results you are looking for, especially for losing weight. The diet tends to have a good record in facilitating weight loss, though it is not essentially maintaining it.

Apart from the above, here are some “real world” benefits of this diet program:

Increased self-confidence

Maintaining a great waist line significantly boosts your self confidence. A perfect body always grabs the attention of people around. For e.g. a guy with six pack abs has a strong and manly personality which acts like an add-on to his self image.

You feel more confident in a social gathering or a hangout place. Your self-esteem is raised to a high level and you start loving yourself.

A healthy lifestyle

Aiming at a goal of achieving the perfect weight is a step ahead towards a healthy life style. In the process of maintaining your weight, one has to go through an extreme fat loss process which leads to removal of extra fat from all across the body.

healthy lifestyle

This improves the metabolism of body and fights other abdominal problems. This process gives you a fit and healthy body at the end.

A permanent relief from body pains

Mostly, people start experiencing body pains with growing age like backaches and muscle pains. But people who go through the fitness program of building a fit body get a lot of relief from all these body pains as the intense exercising process increases the physical strength of the body.

Many doctors also suggest ab exercises as a remedy for backaches. Those who work seriously towards slimming down get a lot of relief from body pain in late 40′;s and 50′;s and stay healthier and fitter for long.

Immense energy

In the process of improving your diet and body, you come out as a more energetic person who is always active and helps the people around him in some daily chores which involve physical strength.

A good, nutritious diet like the beyond diet builds your stamina and you don’;t feel exhausted and tired in situations where you have to walk all day for let’s say, shopping and hangout or if you have to stand for a longer duration.

You prove yourself in front of your fellow mates when it comes to sports and physical activities like swimming, running or trekking.

Added advantage in your sex life

Who says it’s all about weight and cardio health! Having a fitter body has a VERY big positive impact on your sex life. A fit, lean figure has a different sex appeal which attracts most of the opposite sex. The sex life of such people is more interesting and prolonged as their personality and self image has been improved greatly because of getting into a serious fitness and diet routine.

It is not a myth that mostly guys want six pack abs because it really enhances the physical appearance which would eventually lead to more attention from the opposite sex. Girls would always prefer a guy with a nice body and six packs, as compared to a guy with heavy muscles.

Adding this beautiful, “bedroom goal” to your wish list can grant you all privileges of being a fit and healthy person with improved personality and self image.


All in all, if you do choose to follow the Beyond Diet remember that research shows that those who successfully maintain their weight loss, exercise on a regular basis.

Consequently, make sure that exercise is also a part of your plan. If you have a strong dose of will power for success and want to lose those extra pounds, because it is a very restrictive, especially in the induction phase. We wish you all the best.


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